петък, 28 октомври 2011 г.

Vote for Dragon Scream

If you enjoy my project, I would really appreciate your vote on it!
Since I started the project as an entry to Amilova's competition, it would really mean a lot to me if I win. The final winner will be decided based on 60% votes and 40% the decision of the jury of the competition. Therefore, I really need votes.

In order to vote you need to go here: VOTE. You need to log-in, but you can press the facebook button next to the registration panel and YOU CAN LOG WITH YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE. After that just find my comics in the list HERE and press vote.

Each week there is a ranking based on the accumulated votes. The first week I didn't do so good

But I hope with your support to win this competition :)
Thank You!!!

Dragon Scream

Hello everyone :)
I am Toh, and I want to present you my comics project, Dragon Scream

You can read it here: Dragon Scream

The comics started as an entry into Amilova's competition fro comic books. Check out their website - it is full of nice projects :)

 Dragon Scream is fantasy-based comics, that evolves around a boy named Angus, who is the heir of a huge empire. His parents died when he was a small child, but he still had a sunny childhood. However, now he is a child no more and the duties of the crown will lie on his shoulders soon enough, accompanied by mysteries  from his parents' past.

I will be publishing a minimum of two pages each week, so you can follow me if you like the project.